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Benefits of becoming a Colossus Certified Expert Doctor or Medical Staff Member:

  • Discover the hidden benefit doors that help patients pay for care
  • Acquire reimbursement techniques to combat insurer denials
  • Gain skill at recognizing often overlooked hidden injuries & symptoms
  • Learn Practical methods for developing profitable interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Develop & deliver optimal documentation & coding knowledge
  • Learn New terminology for reporting injury severity, findings & treatment plans
  • Discover new reporting methods & ADL surveys to validate injury evidence


Benefits of becoming a Colossus Certified Expert Attorney or Legal Professional:

  • Improved understanding of medical value
  • Improved injury severity and symptom discovery
  • Powerful report language to support proper medical values
  • Winning interdisciplinary collaboration skills
  • Stronger Summary reports and impairment conclusions
  • Report inclusion of future medical care and costs
  • Increased skill recognition of hidden injuries & symptoms


Tom, the first course was worth the cost of the whole course. Such valuable information. Will set me apart from the rest for sure. And make me more valuable to attorneys. Every doc needs this material.
Dr. Barry Hitchcock
Family Chiropractic of Athens
Credentials of training, titles, and experience are indicators of expertise. What really counts above and beyond is demonstrated work product expertise. Dr. Grant has repeatedly demonstrated to me his abilities to bring out the hidden and overlooked points in motor vehicle and other accident cases; he is uniquely and especially qualified from my experience working with him to focus authorities on legitimate and valid medical necessities and highlight the consequences of permanent impairments. In busy practices of involved parties, others seldom have the time and background to realize these benefits.
James Woessner
MD, PhD, Physiatrist
I have known Tom for years and he has done a fantastic job at educating and influencing the physician and attorney communities.
Jim Mathis
Sequoia Vision, Inc.
Mathis Consulting, Inc.
NCS, Inc.
I have found Dr Tom Grant’s training methods to be efficient, quick and easy to follow. His medical validation reporting formats are detailed, well organized and easy to use. He has been able to answer any of my questions regarding personal injury medical reporting language, term utilization, coding content, impairment reporting, and insurance reporting language and structure.
Stephen Smith, MD
When I started working for a personal injury attorney, I knew nothing about managing a motor vehicle accident case. Through networking with colleagues, I came to find Dr. Tom Grant. Through his thorough tutelage and training, I have become masterful at helping our clients’ doctors thoroughly records all of their injuries, recommended future treatment and costs and help effectively describe the intensity of our client’s injuries and how their accidents impacted their lives. This has resulted in larger settlements for our clients, fewer fee reductions for our clients’ doctors, and greater income for our firm. Dr. Grant has helped us to create a win-win situation for everyone. We owe much of the success of our practice to his training.
Trei Clark, Paralegal
Legal Program Manager
Atlanta, GA
I have learned so much from Dr. Grant and his approach to personal injury care. From documentation and billing to getting insurance to cover what they should, Dr. Grant has it worked out with amazing clarity.I thought I knew most of the ins and outs, but Dr. Grant was able to show me where I have been falling short and missing opportunities to find and treat hidden injuries, providing the best care for my patients. There is so much to learn and I have only just begun.
Ken Boothe
DC - Utah
Jamie WrightEsq California
Dr. Grant and his Team are revolutionary for the PI community. I have literally never had someone speak the insurance industry language as well as Dr. Grant. He knows how to assist you in developing a claim for maximum settlement value. Not only is his attention to detail superb, but he goes above and beyond to equip you with the tools you need to be successful in every negotiation. I only wish I had known about Dr. Grant sooner!
Jamie Wright
Esq California


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