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Leading in Personal Injury Care Communication

“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” – Darwin

Pragma Intel was established to help professionals gain greater confidence, skill and strength to successfully meet the medical needs of today’s acute traumatic injury patients and to quickly adapt to the ever changing medical reporting requirements of the liability insurance industry.

A Brief History of Insurance Claim Dilution

Why it's so Hard to get Treatment Authorized and Paid for

When the liability insurers introduced computer software claims management back in the mid 1980 ‘s, the software was intended to augment the adjusters role in determining the medical needs of an injured person in accordance with the policy limitations, with the purpose being to aid adjusters in determining what was necessary to help the injured experience a full recovery from their injuries.

That purpose is still there, but reimbursement for medical care is becoming increasingly more difficult to get authorized and paid for. The old methods of doctors and attorneys in finding, reporting, treating and submitting reimbursement costs for recovery care haven’t kept up with current demands by insurers to get those medical services authorized and paid for. You need a skilled guide to help you update your protocols for injury management and to provide the right validation evidence and reporting language to gain acceptance from and be paid for in full by insurers.

COLOSSUS LEVEL 1 TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION courses help guide doctors and attorneys to properly communicate with the insurers about ALL of the injuries and symptoms that the injured have experienced, using powerful medical management tools developed to successfully manage injury care while using proven methods that significantly improve the outcome of medical reimbursement.

With COLOSSUS LEVEL 1 TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION, you have access to proven methods to help the injured get their valid medical care paid for.

Optimal Medical Value Starts With Advanced Planning

Get the Best Results for Your Clients

Inadequate documentation and poorly designed care programs can severely damage a case. Often health care providers do not understand the immense influence their lack of PI knowledge is having on the settlement process. For legal staff, the substance of medical documentation is often complex, making it difficult for their value to be accurately assessed. Our med-legal training includes proprietary methods for your staff to use in determining medical record value.

This training will get right to heart of what ails most claims, the need for discovering all injuries, employing severity matched diagnostic testing, employing well designed treatment plans and submitting irrefutable documentation, with these tools to be deployed with predictable outcomes to make the process of settlement negotiations faster and with proper validation of your clients injuries and the full reimbursement of the medical care.

These tools provide guidance for physicians who are unaware of the best methods of delivering validated documentation and creating strategic treatment plans to justify full reimbursement of your clients medical care.

About Dr. Tom Grant Jr.

Through optimizing his own personal injury practices Med-Legal services and seminar training, Dr. Grant has lectured and consulted with hundreds of doctors and attorneys to deliver better medical care for their patients and clients. Dr. Grant founded Pragma Intel to provide advanced training for the medical and legal professions, creating Colossus Level 1 Training and Certification for doctors, attorneys and their staff with the aim to improve communication with insurers for the proper reimbursement of injury recovery care.

As a Chiropractor, Personal Injury Practice Coach, Speaker, Author, Inventor, Educator and entrepreneur, Dr. Grant’s mission is to help professionals gain greater confidence, skill, and strength to successfully deliver pertinent and timely medical care for acute traumatic injury recovery. He has been featured on numerous radio programs and invited to speak about personal injury protocols at attorney and medical conventions, state associations, national webinars and private practices. His results speak for themselves with many of his clients seeing dramatic improvements in reimbursement amounts and their ability to communicate injury severity more effectively to liability insurers. See Dr. Grant’s full CV >

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