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Benefits of becoming a PRAGMA PI Certified Attorney or Legal Professional

Justifiable demands require validated injury severity for proper settlement

Just when you think you have a great case, you find out that the medical providers didn’t communicate with each other, with conflicting, even negating comments on what they have documented in their reports.

I’ve worked with thousands of cases and I have seldom found a medical case where the providers worked together for the common good of the patient. Yes, sometimes they “cooperate” in theory, but they rarely corroborate and strengthen each other’s findings. They don’t do that maliciously, they just haven’t been trained on the best ways to collaborate, until now!

It’s great when they work together for the patients good! Today’s medical training provides a foundation for care, but it’s built on the notion that healthcare understands how to deal with liability insurers and your client’s traumatic injury care. We know differently, but what do you do?

Recommending Pragma Intel’s COLOSSUS LEVEL 1 TRAINING & CERTIFICATION will help your client’s doctors discover how to strongly document injury severity with irrefutable evidence and ironclad treatment plans to bring the best possible recovery care to your client and to validate the proper medical value.

That’s what you can expect from a COLOSSUS LEVEL 1 TRAINING & CERTIFICATION healthcare professional. Doctors and their staff will learn winning strategies to implement a great patient recovery plan, allowing your client to get the best possible care for a faster recovery, helping you build a solid demand to get full reimbursement of reasonable medical expenses and help your client avoid the frustration and anxiety of worrying about how they are going to pay their medical bills.

Improved injury severity and symptom discovery

Most physicians, regardless of training, routinely miss the important aspect of documenting all injuries and symptoms experienced by your clients from their injury event. Have your staff trained to recognize important injury symptoms and take action to get them documented and diagnosed by physicians and monitor your client’s treatment plans for adherence to accepted medical practice.

Strategic report language to support better recognition of medical necessity

Pragma Intel COLOSSUS TRAINED & CERTIFIED doctors learn to recognize and document your client’s injuries, along with the right family of supporting codes, as well as their influential effects on your client’s life, to help you secure the most accurate input for the settlement negotiation process.

Winning interdisciplinary collaboration skills

Injury claims can be won or lost just based on the strength of the collaborating team that is built around your medical reimbursement strategy. You don’t want just any physician treating your client; you want the most appropriate and properly qualified physician team. You need to have a medical team that communicates, works together and applies the best medical services, the best recovery care and proper final outcome of your client’s claim. Your firm’s loss recovery model needs to include a success strategy of that has the advantage of our personal injury principles of medicine, pertinent diagnostic procedures, getting ALL injuries diagnosed and coded correctly, comprehensively developed treatment plans and stellar summary reports. Your legal staff can also train with COLOSSUS LEVEL 1 TRAINING & CERTIFICATION to provide you with feedback on your client’s provider adherence to correct medical diagnostic, treatment and reporting processes.

Impairment conclusions

Many injuries can result in permanent impairments; going overlooked and incorrectly treated by inadequately trained treating doctors of all license types. Without an impairment declaration an important part of your client’s medical value is lost.

COLOSSUS TRAINED & CERTIFIED doctors scrutinize all persistent symptoms, investigating their location and causation, and then determine if these are permanent injuries and provide supporting evidence of permanency and include supportive medical evidence and provide for an impairment rating.

Inclusion of future medical language and costs in the summary documentation

Most doctors commonly overlook future medical care and it’s cost. Partly this is due to the fear of making such projections, but mostly because they don’t know how to calculate and report that care and cost. COLOSSUS TRAINED & CERTIFIED doctors are trained to recommend all required future medical care as it relates the pertinent injuries and to also calculate all reasonable future medical care cost associated with that recommended care. They also know to obtain all additional future treatment recommendations from their collaborative team when select team members haven’t yet obtained their COLOSSUS TRAINING & CERTIFICATION.

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