“It is not the strongest species that survive…but the ones most responsive to change.” – Darwin

Leading Change in Personal Injury Care Communication

Pragma Intel was established to help professionals gain greater confidence, skill and strength to successfully meet the medical needs of today’s acute traumatic injury patients and to quickly adapt to the ever changing medical reporting requirements of the liability insurance industry.

Meet Dr. Tom Grant Jr.

Through optimizing his Med-Legal services, Dr. Grant has worked with hundreds of doctors to help them deliver better injury recovery care for their patients and by working with attorneys he has helped them to get better settlement outcomes. Dr. Grant founded Pragma Intel, creating the Colossus Level One Course for doctors, attorneys and their staff, with the aim of improving injury communication by and between providers and insurers for better injury compensation.

As a Med-Legal expert & Trial Consultant, Personal Injury Practice Coach, Speaker, Author, Inventor, Professional Development Coach and Educator, Dr. Grant’s mission is to help professionals gain greater confidence, skill, and strength to successfully deliver pertinent recovery care and powerful claim strategy for traumatically injured persons. He has been featured on radio programs and invited to speak about personal injury protocols at attorney and chiropractic conventions, state associations, national webinars and private practices. His results speak for themselves, with his clients seeing dramatic improvement in recognizing, treating and recovering for severe injury loss. View More Details